Online Blackjack Casinos In Australia 2020

Australian players have a better chance of selecting top games having a lower house edge, because in this article we will provide them with a wide selection of blackjack. The major thing that has made online blackjack in Australia popular is that its house edge is usually less than 1%. In this article, we will provide Australian players with a breakdown of the best real money blackjack online games.


Online blackjack is a top-rated casino game that you will ever get whether playing in an actual casino or online, it is very entertaining. Blackjack is also known as 21, because while playing this game you must get closer to 21, without going over. The ease of playing this game has also made it popular because online players of any skill level can participate.

Online Blackjack Rules

When you opt to play online blackjack in Australia for actual money, you will deal with2 cards that only you and the dealer can see. Online blackjack aims to get closer to 21, without going over for you to beat the dealer. As a player, you should bear in mind that an Ace may get a value of 1 or 1; it all depends on what the hand needs. 

The Cards value is similar to their face value that ranges from 2-10, and the face cards (king, queen, king) have a value of 10.

After getting the cards, you will be provided with 4 options to start playing.

  • Hit

The dealer will provide you with another card

  • Stand

You won’t receive another card, only the hand’s remainder

  • Double down

Here, players aren’t allowed to double their bet, but, they can get another card and in most variants, you will be required to use the hand’s remainder

  • Split

This is only possible when the player’s 1st two cards have a similar value. You will be required to make 2 cards, however, you must place 2 bets with a similar denomination as your initial bet.

Your dealer will be having 2 cards, the 1st one will be revealed at the table while the 2nd one will be face down. Immediately, after all, players around the table stand pat having their cards at hand, the dealer will proceed to play and make efforts to beat you. The dealer gets the best chance of making his decision after the players have.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Online blackjack is a simple game to understand, regardless of your skill level. Though, having a little knowledge of strategy and math, players can increase their opportunities for winning.

The Benefits of Playing Blackjack Online

One of the benefits that players can have when they opt to play blackjack at their favorite casino is convenience. Back in the days, players were required to make travel plans to visit casinos and after all this, then wait for the table. Currently, gamblers have a good chance of playing blackjack as well as any version of blackjack they want.

With a laptop, Android, and Apple device, then you are good to go. The most attractive thing about blackjack games is that players can use their second screen to go through the strategy guideline provided on the upper part of the page. When playing online, players have a better chance of finding free online blackjack as compared to a land-based casino.

A good number of online blackjack websites provide free blackjack. Even if you can’t win real money while playing these games, you will be able to improve your skills and learn more about blackjack games.

The other benefit is that online blackjack in Australia comes with generous casino bonuses. When searching for a website to play, you will find many options and you will be offered with free bonuses to play with.

The online gaming industry is full of competition and the simplest method to attract more players is by offering them no deposit bonuses and exciting welcome bonuses.

Lastly, players should find online blackjack in Australia versions with simple rules. For instance, you can choose a dealer standing on 17 or double down any available 2 cards. Any blackjack version will either help the player or the house. It’s crucial when playing for actual money to choose options that will enhance your opportunities of winning.

It’s always wise for players to get methods that will increase their odds. But, this requires thorough research, but at the end of the day, it will increase your bankroll.

Popular Blackjack Games

Below is a list of top online 21 or blackjack that our players can play for real money at all recommended virtual casinos. These gambling websites own the widest selection of free play as well as real money games. Players can use most tittles while playing multi-hand and single hand format.

1. Classic blackjack

This is the ancient type of standard blackjack. All is required of the player is to get close to 21 without going over to beat the dealer.

2. European blackjack

This game is different from the rest because the player gets a single card and enables the dealer to look into a natural blackjack provided they start with an ace showing or a ten.

3. Atlantic city blackjack

This game allows players to double down on any 2 available cards as well as after splits. Players can then proceed to re-split up to 3 times to end up with 4 hands. Also, you can take out insurance when the upward card of the dealer is an ace.

4. Double exposure

This is another version of the blackjack game whereby players have the chance to see the cards of the dealer before making their decisions. However, the games’ payout has declined from 3.2-1.1. 

5. Single deck blackjack

This is the simplest blackjack game as only a single deck is used and gets re-shuffled after making every hand. The rules of standard blackjack apply.

6. High streak blackjack

This game provides a side wager. Meaning, players become entitled to collect bonus bets after receiving a minimum of 2 hands consecutively.

7. Hi-lo 13 blackjack

This is dependent on your 1st blackjack bet. Meaning, even after losing the hand, players have the chance of winning a high-low bet. Tables have 3 different boxes mainly for side wagers.

 8. Super fun 21 and Spanish blackjack

This is another version that enables you to re-spilt up to 4 times for every hand. You can also choose to surrender. But, this blackjack game has a payout of 1.1.


Online Blackjack FAQs

Do the Australian Gov. Tax players wins?

The government of Australia is very considerate as it taxes the gambling operators and not the players. The tax amount paid by the operators depends on the form of a casino game. Online players are not required to pay any insurance.

Can Australian players play with live dealers?

Yes. In the past years, online gambling websites established live dealer games. In general, the dealer is very engaging and verbally replies to players using the chat function. Dealers conduct all the work carried out by land-based casino dealers. The only disadvantage of playing this form of games is that they operate at a very slow pace compared to other variations of online blackjack but the minimum stakes are a bit higher.

Do players have the chance of counting the cards online?

Yes. But, it not necessary to count them as there is any benefit when doing so. All our recommended online casinos apply RNG (random number generator). Meaning, shuffling of the deck is done after every hand, while any card counting conducted on former cards is valueless.

What deposit options players can use?

There are many available deposit options, it all depends on the gambling website you have selected. One of the most famous ways is via credit cards. Master and Visa cards are acceptable at various online casinos. Currently, Bitcoin has gained popularity among online gamblers as it offers some security.

When should players take insurance?

Based on blackjack strategy and rules, players should not at any time take insurance. This can be tempting at times, though it's not the correct mathematical decision for any online player to take and it only benefits the house.

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