Best Victoria Online Casinos in 2020

best victoria online casinos

As of today, residents of Victoria are fully capable of placing real money bets at any of the online casinos that we recommend. However, considering the fact that these online casinos are dealing with offshore casino operators, any complaints will not get any responses from the national authorities. So, to avoid any issues and experience a breathtaking gaming experience, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to find the best casino sites for Victorian players. Below are some of the key guidelines to identifying the best Victoria online casinos:

Security & Licensing – Although online casinos are situated in other gaming jurisdictions, we strongly recommend that you check to make sure the casino you want to join is fully licensed. Reputable gaming sites should easily display their licensing information on their homepage, as well as proof for industry-standard security and audits.

Availability of Games – Another important thing to consider is the wide selection of high-quality casino games. The best Victoria online casinos offer a wide range of top-notch games and the latest releases from renowned software providers like Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Evolution, and NetEnt. You should check out the gameplay rewards, features, and themes in order to ensure the offering matches the player preferences and needs.

Bonuses and Promotions – The bonuses and promotions page offers players a clear outlook of the nature of the online casino. Lucrative bonuses and worthwhile playthrough requirements are a sure indicator of a reliable online casino that is oriented towards meeting the needs of players. Even though you do not want to claim any of the available offers, a closer look at the terms and conditions of the available bonuses and promotions is a great idea when looking at the best online casino in Victoria.

Payment Options – This is one of the most important things that you should always consider when looking for the best online casinos. You should check through the available payment options. Also, remember to check into the availability of these payment options to residents of Victoria. Not to mention that you should also remember to check into whether you can deposit or cashout using AUD, to incur the least fees since there is no currency conversion.

Mobile Casino – If you are always on the move, then it’s important to choose an online casino with a compatible mobile version. This means you will have more mobile casino games to play even while on the move.

Customer Support – Some Australian online casinos tend to offer customer support services through different methods, including live chat, email, or telephone. It’s always important to make sure you only sign up at an online casino that offers customer support services 24/7.

The government of Australia hasn’t yet passed legislation to regulate online casinos. Meaning, operators are not legally allowed or licensed to provide gambling services to residents of Australia. Any Australia based casino accepting players from Australia is breaking the laws of the government. Players’ money is not secure with these unlicensed operators because they lack the means to retrieve their money in case of legal disputes. We encourage players from Australia to stay away from these unregulated casinos until they are licensed by reputable jurisdictions.

Victoria is one of the most highly populated states and is the home to Melbourne, which is the 2nd largest city in Australia. Victoria is situated on the Australian mainland. This state is not only popular for tourist attraction but also famous as the Australian sporting capital. Victoria is popular for many things like being the home of the famous Melbourne cricket grounds, summer Olympics were hosted there (1956), the finals of the Australian football league takes place there every season, among other things.

Furthermore, Victoria is the home of multiple gaming establishments. One of the most popular gaming establishments is the Crown Casino. Also, the state is home to the most active racing industry that includes horse racing and greyhound racing.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into finding the best Victoria online casinos. Read on to find out everything about Victoria’s online gambling.

Apart from this largest complex, there are no existing casinos in Victoria. In this state, pokies have been provided since 1992 and are regulated by the Victorian Commission for Liquor Regulation and Gambling. Both hotels and clubs are permitted to provide poker machines as part of their offer, while about thirty thousand machines are endorsed across this state.

In Victoria, racing is an ancient activity that was established back in 1838 where the main races were conducted in Melbourne at Batman’s Hill. Since 1864, this industry has been organized via the Victorian racing club. However, this club is supervised by the Racing Victoria organization. Currently, Victoria is deliberate as the heart of racing in this state as it hosts big races at Sandown, Mornington, Flemington, Caulfield, among other tracks. Key races include Australian Cup, which is the largest horse race in this state, as well as Australian Guineas, which are conducted at Flemington. Greyhound racing is popular as well, although this industry is faced with severe disputes in current years, which have resulted in impending bans in some states.

The other type of game activity is the lottery game, which has become very popular in this state because they are in the entire of Australia. Tattersall’s operates a lottery over here instead of state government, offering access to national and state lotto drawings. The most famous and high-paying games in this state include Powerball, Saturday Lotto, as well as Oz. These games are provided under “Lott” which is a national lottery brand.

The Interactive Gambling Act

The rules for online casinos in Australia were established back in 2001; it was at this time that the Gov. Approved Interactive Gambling Act. The bill set a policy on every form of web betting from then, although many people are arguing that these rules should be updated to reflect the modern industry.

The first crux of this bill is to ban all real-cash online gambling in Australia. Precisely, providing these games will be a serious crime regardless of whether the operator is situated within Australia or not. However, the government does not outlaw bets on these websites, this is crucial for players to note that making bets is not illegal, it doesn’t matter where they want to place their bets even if they opt to do it on offshore firms which are not allowed to operate in Australia.

But, the entire situation concerning online gambling within Australia is more complicated than this statement is suggesting. Players should bear in mind that the Interactive Gaming Act did not forbid all types of Internet betting because some forms are regulated and licensed by the state government. It’s important to note that sports betting is permitted but should only be done online. This is as long as the firm providing it is licensed. Today, ancient Australian companies have joined hands with Europe’s prevalent sportsbooks, providing Australian players with many options of making their bets on different sporting events happening in Australia and across the globe.

On the other hand, the only restriction on these bookies is that they don’t accept in-play bets for example the ones made on a match or game which is underway. The bets are allowed over a mobile phone or in-person and that is the reason they are called Interactive. Some operators have come up with ways of working around the restriction on phones, that is, by the use of apps to make a call and fulfilling the requirements. However, this method is likely to be banned in the future.

Lottery operators provide their tickets online making this a commonplace in the entire country. But, like the bookies, these websites are banned from providing any form of game qualifying as an Interactive. Meaning, no scratch-off or instant win games permitted via web-based promotion portals.

Poker or casino games are not permitted, though that doesn’t imply players can’t find it in Victoria. Most offshore firms are confident that there is nothing the government of Australia can do to them, so they still provide these games to players in the entire country. As we stated earlier, it’s not illegal to play games on these websites regardless of whether the operators are going against the rules of IGA or not. As a result, they have become very famous among Australians who love playing poker, blackjack, pokies, among other games from any part of the world, and at any time they want because there lacks regulated alternatives they can choose from. Fortunately, most of these offshore firms are operated by trustworthy operators who have become popular throughout the world, providing Aussies with many options to select from.

Legality of Online Gambling in Victoria

Currently, Australia is facing a very hot issue that concerns greyhound racing. This sport has been prohibited for a very long time in the entire world. However, everything has been exposed after ABC’s corners aired some content showing extensive abuse of the dogs by trainers and owners.

This has resulted in many states having thought of prohibiting this sport altogether. For example, the NSW Gov. has come to an agreement that this industry shall be shut down in the entire jurisdiction that commenced in Jul 2017; the ACT gave the same notice.

However, this doesn’t seem to have affected Victoria. Currently, Victoria’s Racing Minister Martin Pakula has stated that despite multiple questions, no one from the state has ever suggested a ban on the greyhound industry. But, he declared that the racing industry was offered a notice though Greyhound racing Victoria pledged to work on several recommendations from those questions that include efforts of improving animal welfare in the entire racing careers.

Currently, the Gov. seems composed to ban foreign operators from providing casino games throughout the state. The government may fail to deal with them directly, but they are taking steps such as commanding ISPs to block any access to gaming sites, which are not regulated. Steps will also be taken against operators of such firms; they may even go ahead and ban them from entering Australia.

Because no one is sure about the recommendations the Gov. will implement and we don’t have any information on how everything will be interpreted, it’s difficult to predict how the Victorian Internet gambling platform will be in a few months to come let alone the future. Despite the many changes that might take place, we hope for the best and still believe several betting options will be available to Australians.

Victoria Online Casinos FAQ

Victoria casino sites are a huge business and are also completely legal. Today, more people have started to login to their mobile devices and desktop to play real money games with hopes of winning more cash. In the section below, you will find detailed solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions. Here we answer questions regarding online gambling and casinos in Victoria.

Is online gambling legal in Victoria?

Online casino gambling is legal in Victoria. This means Victorian residents can sign up at the best casinos in Victoria like roulette, blackjack, and pokies for real money. Although Australian companies can’t establish online casinos, many offshore casinos accept players in Victoria.

Is casino gambling regulated?

Yes, of course! Casino gaming is regulated in Victoria. Racetracks and land-based casinos are licensed and regulated by the Victorian Commission for Liquor Regulation to make sure they comply with player protection and fair play standards. Nationally, the Internet Gambling Act enacted in 2001 makes it illegal for Australian based online casinos accepting Aussie players, although offshore casinos can legally accept Aussie players.

What is the minimum age to wager online?

Like all the other Australian states, victoria residents must be at least 18 years to wager at an online casino.

How are victoria casinos different from other states?

There is nothing that stops gaming enthusiasts in victoria from playing at an online casino as other states do. The casino gambling market in victoria is massive and growing every day, so you will find lots of real money online casinos to try out regardless of whether you are based Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, or Melbourne.

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