Best eSports Betting Sites in Australia

Best eSports Betting Sites in Australia

What was a few years ago considered to be a niche subset of the fast growing, but relatively smaller sector has defied the odds to become one of the most profitable markets in the video gaming market. With eSports betting Australia growing at an extraordinary rate, expected to be worth a whopping $12.9 by the end of 2020, there are many chances for sports enthusiasts to engage with various sports events and place bets at the best online sportsbooks for Australians.

Finding eSports Free Bets & Promotions

The more sports events are watched and played, the more likely it is for users and punters to place wagers on it. So, with some of the highly popular games such as League of Legends and Fortnite have big tournaments running, any sportsbook offering the eSports betting Australia market is more likely to provide more offers for punters for these eSports Contests.

With the industry becoming more popular and it’s exposed to the mainstream channels, punters can expect more offers and free bets, similar to those offered by online casinos. With leagues and tournaments approaching the finals, sportsbooks are highly likely to use the chance to offer nice incentives and free bets. It is always important to know exactly what to look out for when searching for the best eSports betting websites. The good news is that we cover everything you should know.

Some of the biggest esports events that you should consider include:

  • Rocket League Championship series
  • PUBG Global Championship
  • HALO World Championship
  • The Overwatch League
  • IEM Katowice
  • Call of Duty World League
  • The International
  • League of Legends World Championship
  • Fortnite World Cup

Free No Deposit eSports Bets

Ever imagined winning big without having to spend your hard-earned money? If so, it doesn’t ever get any better than this, with the no deposit bonus, you can place real money bets for a chance to win real cash prizes without spending a dime. However, there are a few catches that you will find at the sportsbooks. For instance, you will be required to meet some conditions to make sure you place additional wagers in the future.

With the eSports industry growing so fast, not to mention the great exposure on some of the biggest media outlets, many chances are waiting for you at all major finals and tournaments. With the fast growth of the esports betting industry, you will start to see more free bets appearing for different eSports events across the year in some of the best eSports games. No matter when these will be available, you will without a doubt find the best free no deposit eSports offers here at

Is eSports Betting Australia Legal?

Of course yes. Provided you are over 18 years. Players that are eighteen years and above can place bets on their preferred players, teams, matches, among other things on our recommended betting sites.

We recommend sportsbooks that are licensed by the Australian government and local Australian companies competing with foreign powerhouses. Meaning, punters have the chance of wagering safely and stress-free without thinking whether the casino is legal or legitimate.

Australian players should be ready for generous welcome bonuses as a result of the huge competition between online casinos. But, the welcome bonuses must follow its state laws regardless of how they are advertised. Meaning, players may find themselves unqualified for specific promotions advertised in foreign states.

According to Australian laws, players should be 18 and above for them to gamble or bet online. In addition to this, they must offer bookies having clear proof of identity. This is usually the case when placing bets with actual money as well as cashing out your wages.

Placing deposits into your preferred online bookie for you to place bets is fast and easy. Different actual money betting websites comes with a different interface, but cashing out and depositing share a similar process. Create your account, confirm your private details, then log in to the new account and click on the cashier or the banking segment of the website and select from the provided methods when transferring your initial deposit for you to get started. When cashing out your money, you can use the cashier segment after winning. But, all types of online betting sites demand certain documentation with your selected bookies (address, contact details, date of birth, and personal identification card). This is always the case before you are allowed to cash out your wages.

How eSports Betting Australia Works?

We are providing Australians with more than 10 regulated and licensed betting websites with the markets of the fast-growing sections within the gambling scene.

Players should not just claim the available bonuses just because it provides no extra offers. New customers are awarded more than a hundred dollars in Bet credits. Create an account and deposit five dollars or even more and your deposit will be matched. This will only happen when you make the correct bets and get settled. Time limits and terms & conditions apply.

Local casinos in Australian are growing very fast as a bigger number of players are looking forward to casinos with the best tournaments and events.

For Australians who want to bet in both international and local casinos, our unique guides aim to direct players to the right casino. Aussies can select from our huge list of regulated and licensed betting websites having a huge market for the famous matches that include, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Halo, among others.

Australian players have the chance of depositing and withdrawing money from their winnings securely all thanks to the secure banking options provided at our online sportsbook. Players can also place bets in AUD because no charges will be deducted as conversion fees. Always read our page, as we will always provide you with updates taking place in Australian betting websites.

At Flytonic casino, we provide players with Australian betting websites having the best welcome bonuses and odds. They provide players with popular betting markets as well as famous local and foreign tournaments providing high payout wagers.

These websites spoils Aussies with a generous sign-up bonus and regular promotions boosting your account with bonus credits to make your bets.

All the sportsbooks recommended on our website are regulated and licensed by different licensing bodies. This is to ensure that Aussies get fair play and receive payouts on time and that Australian punters get a cutting edge experience. Sign up on our recommended sites and learn more information for yourself and the current welcome bonuses to start your betting career.

What Banking Options To Use To Place A Bet

Australian punters will be glad to find out that they can use different payment options to deposit funds into their online accounts. You can easily choose from the conventional banking methods with some extras as you go along, which allows you even better and more trustworthy banking than their peers across the globe.

Bank Cards – There is a wide range of payment options here, from the traditional bank payments to wire transfers. Australian bettors can choose from Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard. If you have re-located from the United States or have been using the American Express. You won’t be able to use this option.

Wire Transfers – Direct banking has been known for many years as one of the quickest ways to withdraw or deposit funds. Thanks to the Aussie open approach to online esports betting. You can easily do wire transfers safely and quickly along with online banking.

e-Wallets – e-Wallets are known across the globe mainly because they offer you with extra security with regards to banking. Skrill and Neteller are still some of the most popular options when it comes to depositing or cashing out from esports sportsbooks in Australia.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot that needs to be made towards the improvement of sports betting in Australia, especially when it comes to video gaming. Entities like Microsoft and Gfinity has launched many initiatives that are directly related to esports betting. Australia has over the years hosted its local eSports with the primary goal of making the segment more popular and making sure the younger generation is more involved.

Several scholarships have been given to different eSports athletes so that they can join colleges. While some have not turned out great, many have participated in eSports betting Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions – eSports Betting Australia

How to Pick the best eSports betting sites?

Essentially, some sportsbooks offer a wide range of betting markets for esports bets than others. Therefore, it is always important to do some research before you sign up. Fortunately, we have done the hard work so that you can easily find the top eSports betting sites. We have listed the best eSports Sportsbooks page for you here.

Can you Place bets on eSports at the Biggest Online Bookmakers?

Yes, the best online sportsbooks offer esports betting markets.

Is eSports betting similar to online sports betting?

Not entirely, but there are many similarities between esports betting and online sports betting. For example, you will still be gambling on the aspect of skill between different human beings. Just like other sports events, there will be underdogs and favorites, with the primary difference being that eSports betting is played virtually.

Is betting on eSports legal?

Yes, eSports betting in Australia is completely legal. All the eSports betting sites that we recommend are fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, or other reputable jurisdictions.


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