eSports Betting Sites 2020

Looking for the best eSports betting sites to place real money bets? If so, keep reading to find out what are the best sportsbooks for you today!

Guide to eSports Betting Sites

New Betting Sites

The best online sports betting sites are always working around the clock to remain up to date with the newest betting tools and features and also offer the most thrilling online gambling experience. Making sure that these gambling goals are fully met can be the difference between established sites and one that will soon disappear from the realm of online betting. However, when it comes to new betting sites for 2020, all the greatest and the latest software, tools, and features come standard.

This means the complex and massive betting sites that have existed for many years tend to struggle as opposed to new bookies that build their new sites around the latest features and software. Basically, the newest betting sites offer a top-notch online betting experience from the day they are established. And considering the new online sportsbooks offer such an amazing gambling experience, punters fancy such experiences.

Some of the people that want to enjoy an amazing gaming experience are looking for these new sites to join and start wagering. Luckily, this detailed guide doesn’t just provide information about the new betting sites, but everything else you need to know about sports betting. We have also provided information about how to choose the best sports betting sites, and what are the latest trends and features you should look out for while gambling sites. Keep reading to find brand new betting sites for winning punters.

Choosing The Best eSports Betting Sites

Understanding why the brand new sportsbooks online offers top quality online betting experience is not tough, but finding the top betting sites can be confusing. Google search, which is one of the most popular ways for you to find the best sites across the Internet, are more valuable to reputable sites mainly due to the fact that the search engine algorithm concentrates more on websites with established credibility.

This means new betting sites might not have similar chances of appearing the search engine results until they are able to create a reputation for themselves. Rather, players looking for gambling in the new bookmakers should turn to sites like to find a detailed list, like this one with the most recent releases. Searching the Internet for such sites would take a lot of your precious time and will eventually not generate the best results as compared to outlets like

Fortunately, reliable gambling experts like our experienced team of betting veterans were regularly scouring the web looking for the best betting sites with regards to the newest betting sites. Our betting experts review the sites based on detailed selection criteria, including the betting limits, market coverage, user experience, and more to make sure that players get the best quality betting experience from the newest bookies. After we have chosen a group of betting sites, we then evaluate each further.

Picking New Online Betting Sites

newest Betting Sites

Punters who have found a credible and trusted list of the newest bookies now should assess the site that they would be willing to join. Despite the fact that most of these bookies share the title of new games, they have many significant differences, with some offering groundbreaking and completely unique digital experience. So, it’s important for players to avoid registering with the first new bookie, they find once they start looking for the top sites.

While most players might presume that many reputable sportsbooks provide a high-quality betting experience, a quick tour around the best new bookies on the web and those gamblers might start to sing a different tune. Updating software, integrating new products, and making website wide changes, this is not just expensive and time-consuming, they are not practical for a casino operator who has been doing this the right way for a period of time. Rather, punters looking for the latest bookmakers ought to consider some of these factors while looking for the best bookmakers.

Regulation and Legality

Legality is one of the most important elements of choosing a gambling site. Every punter must make sure the site they are assessing is fully licensed in a specific jurisdiction. If the credible and legal license is held, the next punters should make sure the site is fully regulated to guarantee fairness. If none of these can be fully confirmed, our team of experts will not recommend such sites.

Platform and Software

Trusted and credible new betting sites are rarely at the forefront or bookies modernization. This means new sites are often compatible and accessible than the more established sites. Nevertheless, to guarantee safety, players need to closely check the Internet that the platforms offer and whether the software used by the site is fully compatible with the type of devices they engage in.

User Experience

A betting site’s most attractive aspect could be the unique tools and features they provide. When taking part in in-play betting, also referred to as live betting, some players might consider choosing the newest gambling site since they are more likely to include the latest forms of betting. This can prove to be very costly for those bookies that lagged behind and failed to adopt cutting technology in the way they offer services to their bettors. When picking the best new betting site, it’s important for bettors to consider the general user experience, including the features and tools that are offered.

Markets and Odds

The newest betting sites’ markets and odds are some important areas that can mean the difference between the good and the best betting sites. Covering an obscure cycling event or a unique NBA league might make the bookie more attractive to gamblers who are not happy with the existing spread of other betting markets. Generous odds are an amazing way of getting new sports betting sites to attract shrewd punters. Understanding how these markets work and the odds that are covered is an important aspect of choosing the best new sportsbook on the web.

Promotions and Bonuses

Over the past years, if gamblers did not register for a new online account with a sportsbook site, they will be awarded a lucrative sign-up bonus to start wagering at the betting site. The welcome bonus usually comes as free bets. Major tournaments and events also require bookmakers to offer exclusive deals so that players, assessing the newest betting sites will without a doubt evaluate the bonuses offered to new gamblers and regular punters as well.

Security and Banking

If punters have undoubtedly assessed the new betting site and want to join the site, the final thing they must do is ensure they have secure payment options. Punters who want to use PayPal to bet online should check to make sure the site accepts PayPal before they try to deposit funds into their accounts. Inherently linked to banking, the security of the betting sites also needs to be assessed, particularly their capacity to protect your private information.

Features of eSports Betting Sites

Remaining up to date with the newest trends in sports betting and casino gambling, and more specifically betting on sports can be challenging for those new in the gaming industry. However, anyone looking for the newest online betting site should always stay up to date with the most relevant information. Players who are not fully aware of the best features and incredible trends will not know exactly what they should be looking out for when assessing a betting site and might end up miss out on some of the most important features.

For punters searching to take advantage of the latest trends and features in sports betting, below is a detailed list, that will be regularly updated as new features and trends hit the web:

Streaming Options

In-play betting or live betting is the type of betting when punters place bets on a live event. The thrill of placing bets in live sports events adds to the fascinating nature of online sports betting. This is one of the main reasons why live betting has become an important aspect of sports betting. To improve a player’s live betting experience, bookies have started integrating the live streaming services directly from various platforms, so that punters know exactly what they need to do.

Virtual Sports Betting

While heading to your local track for a thrilling sport experience is always great, not all people will make it to the track. So, popular sportsbooks have tried to find better ways through which punters can enjoy sports such as horse racing from their homes. Well, as we speak, punters do not just want to place real money bets at any time, but they now want to do it whenever they want. But since horse racing doesn’t take place every day, sportsbooks could not do more. This is when virtual sports betting was born. Virtual sports betting refers to betting on the results of virtual sports events, so, it’s just a simulated sports activity. This doesn’t just apply to horse racing, but for all types of sports markets.

Dedicated Mobile Applications

Mobile betting apps have been part of the realm of smart devices since they were developed. The initial stages of betting apps included many products that were bundled into a single app. So, the newest trends are to break up these products into specific apps. Operators now know the value of dedicated mobile gaming apps per product so rather than a bingo site, slot site, bookmaker, and mobile casino all bundled into one, eSports betting sites now offer each app for all these markets. Players who fancy betting can now download the apps dedicated to sports betting.

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